Letter: UK can seize leadership in Europe

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Sir, I am grateful to Robert Coppinger of the European Movement (Letters, 15 April) for his frank admission that the direction of development of the European Union towards a federal superstate is a fait accompli. I agree that the British government formed after the election, whether Labour or Conservative, will not be able to change that.

In the unlikely event that it were Liberal Democrat, it would not wish to.

This is precisely why the Green Party, at our annual conference last autumn, voted to argue for British withdrawal from the EU. As presently constituted there is no prospect of the EU permitting member states to adopt the Green policies that are essential for a sustainable future for our country and others.

The Inter-Governmental Conference, by increasing and widening the powers of the European Union to impose unsustainable policies, will only make matters worse.



Green Party International

Policy Group

Richmond upon Thames,