Letter: What Nimbys forget

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Sir: I am a divorced father of young children who live 200 miles away from where I live. I would live closer to them if work was available. I have a second home, the primary purpose of which is to ensure I have good quality contact with my children.

To maintain and travel to and from this home I am sacrificing my ability to build up savings or a pension. I have to duplicate all the utilities I have in my London home. I also pay a second council tax, albeit at a reduced rate, but then, I do not make the same demands on local services that regular residents do. Increasing the tax on my second home would put my ability to maintain it and to see my children at risk.

The Nimbys (not in my back yard) of the Lake District (article, 20 May; letter, 25 May ) have no insight into reasons for maintaining a second home, and are doubtless the same people who would oppose planning permission for low cost housing or indeed any development in their areas.


London NW8