Letter: Why Arts Council has a women's unit

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Sir: In his article on Price Waterhouse (15 June), David Lister poses an interesting rhetorical question as to why there is a women in arts unit at the Arts Council.

Has Mr Lister considered that the reason such a unit exists is based on both demand and need? It may interest Mr Lister to know that women's inequality in the arts is proven. Even the European Commission, whose work is underpinned by the Treaty of Rome (which under Article 119 guarantees equal treatment for women), has very recently begun work in this area.

The existence of a women's unit at the Arts Council really does go to show that the Arts Council as the lead body for the arts is capable of being proactive, is ahead of the European Commission and is finally responding to the needs of women working and practising in the arts.

Yours faithfully,


London, SW1

16 June