Letter: Widdecombe and powers of night

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Widdecombe and powers of night

Sir: Ann Widdecombe, figured as Nemesis in David Aaronovitch's column (20 May), "waddled" into the Commons to put an end to both her political career and that of Michael Howard.

We are all aware, as (engagingly) is Miss Widdecombe herself, that she is a "butt of popular humour" (pun intended?). But if we take a liberty with classical tradition and suppose this particular Nemesis to have been an overweight, less than well-favoured, 49-year-old celibate male, would Mr Aaronovitch's otherwise tolerably generous commentary have descended into the sexism suggested by "waddle"? Your editorial explicitly supports Miss Widdecombe. The Independent cannot have it both ways.