Letter: Wind turbines a threat to climate

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Sir: Professor John Twidell (Letters, 9 Jan.) is in danger of being run away with by his clean-energy hobby-horse. In writing about the new turbine at Nympsfield, I nowhere expressed disapproval of wind- power as such: I am as worried as anyone about the damaging chemical emissions of fossil fuel, and I welcome clean power, however generated.

My point was simply that a prominent spot in an area of outstanding natural beauty is not the place for a single turbine 200 ft tall. As I wrote, the DTI inspector agreed that the structure would be severely detrimental to the village, and contrary to all existing conservation policies. My aim, further, was to show how ordinary people are powerless to protect their own environment.

Finally, may I inform the Professor that I do not live in Nympsfield, and, in describing the villagers' rearguard action, was not trying to protect my own back yard.


Uley, Gloucestershire