Letter: Wrong to malign a dead boy

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GREATER Manchester Police have no information whatsoever to suggest that Benji Stanley was anything other than an innocent victim. The financial status of any murder victim is a useful line of inquiry, and if the Independent on Sunday or anyone else has information to substantiate your assertion that Benji had a building society account containing a large sum of money, then we should be told.

The report also suggests that we are nervous about re- examining the case. This is incorrect. Apart from a very thorough investigation at the time of the death, a full, in- depth review has taken place and the file remains current. We will investigate any information regarding this case and look forward to hearing from anyone who has further details.

It is a great disappointment that your headline did not reflect the many positive initiatives occurring in Moss Side that were reported in the article. Greater Manchester Police are working hard with the community to build trust, and to work in the area with its support.

Colin Phillips

Assistant Chief Constable

Crime Operations