Letter: You ruined my bank holiday

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The Independent Online
Sir: This is outrageous: on a bank holiday, those of us who are the back-bone of the community (fully employed, respectable citizens) look to The Independent to provide the well-earned distractions from the rat-race which we deserve. Instead, you publish a full-page feature called "Cycle Logical Warfare" (26 August), suggesting that my generation (born 1940) is locked in to a downward spiral of car-dominated consumerism which does "criminal damage to the planet" and "imprisons our children in their homes", and that our lives are "without soul".

Furthermore, you add insult to injury by printing, on the opposite page, a picture of the leader of the Labour Party and the President of the United States (both good consumers, no doubt, and looking more like entertainers than statesmen) above the legend "Bankrupt Democrats".

Shame! What does The Independent think it's doing? Luckily, I have some alternative holiday reading: Christopher Hill's Liberty Against the Law, which I saw reviewed in The Independent on Sunday yesterday. All about that upstart Winstanley. If his ideas were put into practice, there wouldn't be any bank holidays. Surely The Independent isn't suggesting that we should expect to enjoy life all the time? Totally irresponsible journalism. I like it.


London N8