LETTER:An end to misery

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From Mrs Penelope Dalrymple Smith

Sir: Having just read your article "Invasion by organ snatchers" (29 December), I feel I must let other women know that having a hysterectomy need not be a disaster.

I had long and heavy periods that made life a complete misery. By the age of 40, my life was a nightmare. I could hardly leave the house during my periods and was permanently exhausted and bad tempered. At 40, I had a hysterectomy on the National Health. I was consulted at each stage, and my ovaries, which were healthy, were left in on my express wishes.

I am now nearly 50, run my own business, am slim, fit and healthy, with bags of energy, and have an excellent sex life!

Yours faithfully,

Penelope Dalrymple Smith