LETTER:An icon born of K2 tragedy

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From Ms G. M. Kemp

Sir: At a time when we are remembering the end of a world war that involved fear, pain and death, not only to armed forces but to millions of civilians, can we not rejoice in Alison Hargreaves's life?

Her family and friends enabled her as a woman to reach the top of the mountain - an abstract idea with unbelievable rigour attached. She represents the changing role of women during these past 50 years, in that she fulfiled her personal ambition with back-up from all around her. Her achievement is enormous but likewise the sacrifice.

That she felt free to risk her life, when she admitted that her proudest achievement was having two children, must mean that she was totally secure with the love and care for them that would remain. Her mother and small Kate must be immensely proud amid their grief. They gave her freedom to go, to make the choice to attempt the ultimate pinnacle.

May she become an icon for our age.

Yours sincerely,

G. M. Kemp


20 April