LETTER:Comic Relief shows the role of private charity

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From Mr Tony Christopher

Sir: Unless Rodney Hedley (Letters, 20 March) was making mischief, it would appear that he has no knowledge of the constructive role many charities are today playing in, for example, the broad area of social services.

Very commonly such charities undertake responsibilities that do not sit comfortably in statutory services. Frequently, precisely because the charity is not a statutory service, what is provided is acceptable to, even welcomed, by clients.

The contribution charities make is capable of considerable expansion, given backing and encouragement. Tony Blair showed that he understood this when he was shadow Home Secretary; it is not at all surprising, therefore, that charities find a place in the new Clause IV.

Charities, Mr Hedley, do provide jobs - very satisfying ones. In fact, they could provide many more and they could do so cost-effectively.

Yours truly,



TU Fund Managers

London, WC1

21 March