LETTER:Food and caring come on wheels

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From Mrs P. J. Litherland

Sir: As a volunteer for meals-on-wheels services I welcome publicity, especially as I know every effort is made to improve the service ("The fast lane beckons for meals on wheels", 2 November). I have been driving for MOW for a number of years and I object to Jacquie Clavey describing the hot meals as "leathery beef and stewed vegetables". This week I delivered a choice of ham in parsley sauce or chicken and mushroom pie, and we always cater for diabetics and vegetarians.

As for the elderly being afraid to complain - that is nonsense. If they have a complaint they certainly voice it; we note it and if appropriate act on it. We also receive lots of gratitude and thanks.

Yours faithfully,

P. J. Litherland

Wallasey, Merseyside

3 November