LETTER:French sexual inferiority

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YOUR article about Francois Mitterrand's mistress ("Widows in weeds, mourning mistresses - plus ca change to the French", 14 January) contributes to our belief that the French have a superior attitude to sex: that they don't care about their (male) politicians having a bit on the side as they are far more sophisticated and sexually experienced than ourselves.

When will this cliche be dispelled? The facts are:

a) Powerful men everywhere seek to have their sexual cake and eat it. This dispensation is not extended to women.

b) Some women, particularly in the United Kingdom and United States are rebelling at this double standard, particularly where they have contributed substantially to their husband's careers.

c) In this regard, France is light years behind ourselves, aided and abetted by sexist media and ferocious privacy laws.

d) It is a myth that the French have accepted the state of affairs with Mitterrand's private life. It was hidden from them until very recently.

Josie Edwards

London N10