Letters: Aid could prevent war in Kosovo

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Sir: Miranda Vickers (report, 8 July) warns of the ethnic tensions in Kosovo and Slobodan Milosevic's intentions. While the world wishes to believe that Bosnia is no longer actively at war, tension between the Serbs and the Albanians in Kosovo grows. This is not entirely due to political aspirations: sheer poverty, drudgery and isolation is now enhanced by the number of refugees. The war in Bosnia has made things much worse in Kosovo and it needs material aid and highly visible support now. Feed The Children and other agencies are attempting to prevent a further deterioration.

There are about two million people in Kosovo, most affected directly by sanctions. Assistance given now can prevent the outbreak of war, more atrocities, and in particular suggest to thousands of children that they are important and do have a real future. I have just been reading letters from such children in Kosovo. Their hope, dreams, aspirations, demonstrate an almost heroic yearning for schooling and freedom and equality.


Executive Director

Feed the Children

Reading, Berkshire