LETTERS: And all that jazz

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From Mr David Freeman Sir: Digby Fairweather is, of course, entitled to his opinions ("A blue note for jazz lovers", 3 January). But before he commits them to print, he should inform himself of the current position on the radio station he clearly loves to hate.

Jazz FM was never licensed as a pure jazz station and, since its re-licensing, JFM is committed to play quotas of blues, soul, rhythm and blues as well as jazz. If those quotas are not met, and the Radio Authority readily acknowledges that they are, the station would be fined and could lose its licence altogether.

I am employed by JFM to play four hours of jazz every weekday evening and if contributions from international jazz experts such as Brian Priestly and Campbell Burnap are included, the regular JFM line up is impressive by any jazz standards. If consideration is also given to the regular interviews that I and my colleagues conduct and the documentaries, any jazz jury must conclude that JFM is the station for jazz lovers. Not only does it play the known music of favourite musicians, it makes a point of playing the new and the challenging.

I am a regular listener to Digby Fairweather's programme, which I thoroughly enjoy. I look forward to welcoming him as a listener to mine.

Yours faithfully, DAVID FREEMAN JFM 102.2

London, W1

5 January