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l ROS Wynn-Jones is mistaken in attributing the song "Legalise It" to Bob Marley ("Pot Power", Section 2, 29 March). It is by Peter Tosh, written after he embarked on his solo career. Before his untimely death Tosh was the most militant spokesman for this cause.

David Cundy, Brighton

THE rejuvenating power of cannabis! You say Malcolm X was present at the 1967 legalisation demo - in fact he had been assassinated a couple of years before. Presumably you meant another member of the X family, Michael.

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DENNIS Lim says "the most disturbing moment" in the Oscar telecast was James Cameron's revelation of a forthcoming director's cut of Titanic ("American Graffiti", 29 March). Well there is one thing at least to be thankful for - there's no chance of a sequel.

Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

SO research has revealed a correlation: teenagers who engage in burglary have high levels of lead pollution in their bodies ("Pollution from lead...", 29 March). Here is another correlation: teenagers who do not engage in burglary have low levels of lead pollution in their bodies. They also live in leafy middle- class areas with low crime rates. Amazing!

I Morgan, Lincoln