LETTERS: No one listens to Generation Y

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Sir: As a member of "Generation Y", I wish to respond to Simon Hughes MP (letter, 2 February). Generation Y's disillusion with politics stems from the fact that none of the major political parties are prepared to listen to the grassroot demands of today's youth. Mr Hughes' idea that Generation Y's disillusion with British politics could be solved by electoral reform is unrealistic. For a start, the Liberal Democrats are never going to be in a position, under the present electoral system, to bring in such changes. Secondly, such electoral reform would simply create an ineffective form of government, in which parties will be forced to form coalitions, and hence give a disproportionate amount of power to minority parties.

The present problem the youth of today face is that we have no one to turn to in Parliament who is prepared to listen to what we have to say, and fight for what we want. Mr Hughes is quick to claim that his party is "responding to issues that particularly concern the young". However, his party has done little or nothing that the members of Generation Y can see to justify such a bold statement.

Yours faithfully, Digby Oldridge Stowe School Buckingham