Letters: No reason for parents to worry

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Sir: It is refreshing to read someone who, for once, does not advocate protecting children (Stuart Walton; "Let us not make children afraid of life", 25 June).

When we look at the facts there appears to be no reason for parents to worry. There are 12 million children in Britain. Fatal accidents are down to less than 700 a year. Ninety five per cent of parents are worried that their children might be abducted or murdered yet there were only 206 abductions in 1992, almost all of which were by estranged parents.

It is hard to keep fears for our children under control when we are frequently bombarded with health and safety campaigns to make us aware of the seemingly innumerable threats facing children. Most of these campaigns are unnecessary and only serve to heighten parents' fears, creating an unhealthy climate for children and parents alike.



Families Need Freedom

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