LETTERS: Road protesters no `threat to national security'

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From Mr Clive Lord Sir: Animal rights activists have got into a dilemma: whether to go for violent or non-violent protest. Perhaps I have not watched the media closely enough, but I have seen no mentioned of anything beyond non-violent obstruction - increasingly sophisticated and determined obstruction - by road protesters. To lump them in with terrorism is a very sinister ploy.

I have nothing but admiration for the courage of those who put themselves - not others - at considerable risk, to achieve what we more timid politicians have failed to do: to get the Government to begin to think against about its transport policy.

Would it be too much to ask the media to give the political wing of the green movement a little more of a hearing? If they did, more extreme measures might seen as less necessary.

Yours faithfully, Clive Lord Batley & Spen Green Party Batley West Yorkshire 30 December