LETTERS: Weddings and optional extras

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From Mr Samuel Mondle

Sir: The fees levied by the churches are required to be charged by law and no exceptions can be made. Any extras (such as the choir, video, etc) are not necessary to the exchange of vows in a church. Any couple wishing to take advantage of those extras and not able to afford them can opt to do what a couple in our church did last year - they had the marriage ceremony performed in the morning family service with the whole congregation present to witness their union, followed by a bring-and-share-a-meal. The fellowship which we shared was a shining example of Christ in action in our daily lives.

There is absolutely no excuse for people to "live in sin" and much less for any part of the Church of Christ to condone it.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Mondle

West Bridgford,


12 December