Ads that court publicity : LETTER

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YOUR article on the Club 18-30 advertisements withdrawn by the ASA after a public outcry fuelled precisely the kind of publicity that irresponsible advertisers of this kind court ("The 18-30 ads that went all the way", 26 February).

The ASA does not, as you claim, have to wait for complaints before it acts. We can take swift action against any advertisement we think misleading or offensive.

You misquoted my colleague Grahame Fowler. He said: "It's not a perfect system - but it works". You left out the last three words, altering the meaning.

The advertising trade press has spoken up in strong disapproval of the sort of publicity contrived by Saatchi & Saatchi and Club 18-30 in promoting this product. When advertisers and agencies fail to take their responsibilities seriously they damage the advertising business as a whole.

Matti Alderson

Director General, ASA

London WC1