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l I AM afraid John Updike's "little aperu" needs more than the "fine-tuning" suggested by David Warden ("I think that I shall never view/Une film franaise sans Depardieu", Letters, 30 April) since:

"Though both hold views with which I concur,

'View' fails to rhyme with 'Depardieu'."

Adrian Brodkin,

London N2

l A LITTLE more fine-tuning is indeed required, I suggest.

"I think Mr Warden ought to know,

"Un film is masculine, like Depardieu."

Marwin Watson,


l REGARDING "Here endeth the lesson - they hope" (23 April), could not Her Majesty the Queen, a millionairess with generous yearly stipends from her taxpaying subjects, as head of the Church of England respectfully consider helping financially Her Majesty's church in its hour of need? Then churches would not have to close, vicarages be sold off and clergy dismissed, all at a time when the Church of England is striving to attract Her Majesty's subjects back to the Christian way of life?

R Donovan, Thornford, Dorset

l WHAT are clauses I, II and III of the Labour Party constitution?

Eleanor Macnair, Bath

l ALAN Watkins (30 April) says that only BT has had "much success after privatisation". Has he not heard of British Airways, British Steel and British Gas, all of which have been improved beyond recognition after privatisation?

Richard Allen, E Sussex