Burden of an unwieldy name

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From Mr Patrick Cumberlege

Sir: Your leading article comments that Baroness Cumberlege's name "suggests unwieldiness on the brink". I understand what you are saying, she should have acquired a more media-friendly name, perhaps from the ranks of the make- believe characters of Casualty.

Only now do I realise the awful damage that I have inflicted on my wife. To think that for 10 years she has fought for nurses' right to prescribe; reorganised maternity services to put mothers in charge; championed nurses role in bringing the Health of the Nation programme to the people while carrying the burden of an unwieldy name.

Seven days a week since launch I have bought the Independent. Now your message has left me "on the brink" and full of remorse for imposing a name that threatens the Government's credibility. Should I shoot the messenger?

Yours faithfully,


Lewes, Sussex

17 May