Letter: Apathy is the real enemy

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I'VE JUST read the article 'Generation X - UK' (12 June). I'm around 22-years-old and have been unemployed for about two years. I suppose I'm a 'Solsbury Hill-type direct action environmentalist' in the eyes of Alex Spillius, but I'm certainly not an extremist.

I never have a single moment of idleness. For the last year I've worked on a voluntary basis with the under-fives. I knit and repair old clothes. I cook, I garden and grow house plants. I paint, I work with papier mache and clay. I exchange services with other people. I fix anything. I try to make the most of things. Of course I would like sound, rewarding work.

My point is, the only thing to worry about is apathy. If you're out of work do something] Plant something] Enjoy being alive while you are.


Mid Glamorgan, Wales