Letter: Cyprus line

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The Independent Online
Recent events on the green line in Cyprus resulted in your publication of a number of articles addressing the division of the two communities. The latest addition is a travel article ("North, south and the line that divides", Review, 22 September). Anybody reading this article could be excused for believing that the Greek Cypriots are the aggressors and that Turkish troops were on a humanitarian mission.

The real facts tell a different story: the Turkish invasion of 1974 resulted in 200,000 Cypriots (a third of the population of Cyprus) becoming refugees, several thousand being killed by the Turkish army and 2,000 Cypriots still missing. Despite 22 years of occupation, the refugees still remember the attractions of Northern Cyprus, after all that is where their homes are. This land is now occupied mainly by Turks (not Turkish Cypriots) brought from mainland Turkey.

Perhaps people need to be reminded of UN resolution 3212, which calls for the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus. Your travel reporter has swayed into political comment which is beyond his competence.

Marios Hadjivassiliou