Letter: Leakey could be the answer

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WHILE nobody would rule out the danger to Richard Leakey if he were elected leader of a united opposition, few Kenyans would agree with Fiammetta Rocco that "a white president of Kenya is still unthinkable" ("Leakey's bold challenge stirs assassination fears", 14 May).

Indeed Leakey's whiteness, let alone his worldwide reputation and credentials, could be his greatest asset. In a country where President Moi and his followers have made the politics of tribalism an art form, Dr Leakey will emerge as a compromise candidate. He speaks several local dialects and, as he doesn't belong to any of Kenya's tribes, he has the widest possible appeal.

Leakey's single-mindedness will also be a great asset. Countries like Kenya need strong leadership, as long as it is benevolent. The chaotic tyranny that Moi has instituted over the years has resulted in Kenya falling into the category of one of the world's 30 poorest countries. Leakey could help to make Kenya black Africa's first "tiger".

Milton N Gatabaki