Letter: People must talk to architects

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GILES WORSLEY ('Blinded by the blight of Pugin', 10 July) suggests we should scorn Pugin for inculcating architects' arrogance and alleged narrow- minded design approaches.

But aren't architects as much a part of our culture as artists, novelists or technologists? What are the most appropriate forums for the building of links with the users, the passers-by, the 'public'?

One welcome by-product of Sir Michael Latham's recent review of the building industry has been the coming together of client groups to share experience and expertise in building projects. The more such groups can develop in different sectors, the better.

The architectural profession is itself increasingly talking to client groups and listening. Through such initiatives our architects, as the artists and plastic surgeons of the built environment, show promise of designing more humane environments. But they will need a healthy client climate within which to flourish.

Sebastian Tombs

Deputy Secretary

Royal Incorporation of

Architects in Scotland