Letter: Piped music destroys the soul

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I fear that John Norman ("Canned Music not on the menu", * January) is wrong in thinking that "Europeans and Americans are too civilised" to inflict piped music on captive customers in restaurants. Such acoustic pollution is often even worse in other countries.

But he should not despair. Pipedown, the Campaign against Piped Music, recently persuaded Gatwick Airport to stop its piped music and we are pressing Heathrow Airport to follow suit. On a smaller scale, guides to music-free pubs, wine bars etc. are beingprepared. Meanwhile, all our members are issued with highly pertinent cards of protest. So the fight is on! As Spike Milligan, a Pipedown supporter, says; Tranquillity lubricates the soul, muzak destroys it

Nigel Rodgers Hon Sec Pipedown London W14