Letter : Views on an even bigger tower for London

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Isn't it about time that the Victorian Society stopped harping on about the outrage of a 1,000ft tower on the Baltic Exchange site? The nominated architect for the bold but predictably controversial initiative is Sir Norman Foster, the most revered encloser of space in the world today. His sun-infused HongKong and Shanghai Bank; the spectacular dome and helical ramp above the Reichstag Plenary Chamber; and the restrained Commerz-bank skytower in Frankfurt are merely three in the stunningly beautiful oeuvre of an architect we should be proud to employ.

A Foster tower in the City of London could inspire nothing but admiration, and the society's arguments to "save" a second-rate and crumbling Baltic Exchange are obstructive. If London is to be taken seriously as a world- ranking city looking forward to the 21st century, Foster's plans must be realised without delay.

Peter J M Wayne

Oakham, Rutland