Letter: Wild fantasies

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AS A mother of young children, I would have thought Geraldine Bedell might recall that when expecting a baby - at least for the first time - you are quite desperate for information about every aspect of pregnancy and birth ('True romance gives way to sex in stilettoes', 25 September). She may think she knows it all now, but I bet she didn't then.

As for the suggestion that the SHE Magazine Guide to Having a Baby promotes pregnancy as a time of 'wild sexual experimentation', I draw your attention to the only article on sex that appears in our 160-page magazine, and which is perhaps best summed up in the following statement: 'The mental picture of your infant goggling down your birthing canal through a pair of racing binoculars is surely enough to put anyone off. And let's face it, the breathlessness, heartburn and sheer physical clumsiness of pregnancy rather dampen one's enthusiasm for naughty cavortings.' Not quite the fantasy message Ms Bedell suggests.

Linda Kelsey

Editor, SHE

London W1