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YOU say that Labour must convince voters that it is within the power of Government to improve their lives through investment, job creation, better health, education and transport ('He believed things could be better', 15 May). Shouldn't Labour's overriding aim be the elimination of poverty, homelessness and injustice?

R Crownshaw, Gerrards Cross

WHOEVER described 'The day thou gavest me Lord' as a mournful ditty should read the whole hymn through (Today's Television, 15 May). It has a strong message and has been an inspiration to many.

Elaine Webster, Leicester

DID you know that in French, the first 'c' in sceptique is mute (Words, 15 May)? Presumably, therefore, the French talk about our 'Euro s(c)eptiques' - much more fun]

T F H Hudson, Hungerford

AS the European elections loom I thought I'd share the latest attempt at unity from Germany. At the fresh meat counter of my local supermarket customers are handed a photocopied guarantee that none of the meat products on sale contain British beef.

Steven M Davies, Garbsen, Germany

I WAS disgusted by the nature of the travel article on Burma (Myanmar) in the Sunday Review ('Burmese Daze' 15 May). The country has been virtually sealed off for years while tens of thousands of people have been murdered, tortured and imprisoned. The government of Myanmar has put itself beyond the pale. If there are improvements or changes in the country then why not send a political reporter, and give us a real analysis of this obviously beautiful, and much abused country?

Roger Osborne, Scarborough