Letters : Briefly

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I am in my first year of A-levels at a large comprehensive school in Norwich. The majority of my female friends and I could certainly identify with the sentiments of the girls interviewed for your article, "Too clever for their own good?" (Real Life, 25 May). So why then was the state comprehensive sector - which the majority of British children attend - unrepresented?

Kate Brookson-Morris

Norwich, Norfolk

There was a stage between the Irish Free State and Republic of Ireland (letters 26 May). In 1937 a Republican constitution was adopted, along with the name Eire. Though nominally a republic there was still an equivocal relationship with the crown. The appointment of a new ambassador to Berlin became necessary during the war. As this would have needed the approval of George VI, diplomatic representation continued at the level of charge d'affaires. The 1949 creation of the Republic of Ireland removed the anomaly.

David Morton

Driffield, E Yorks

In his review of the new biography of WC Fields, Robin Buss (Review, 25 May) states that Fields played Mr Micawber in George Cukor's film of Oliver Twist. Cukor never made a film of Oliver Twist. Even if he had Fields could not have played Mr Micawber, who is a character in David Copperfield. Cukor did make a film of that.

Judith Stokes

Norwich, Norfolk