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The Gypsy Council for Education, Culture, Welfare and Civil Rights welcomes your interest in the Buckley case of a gypsy taking the Government to court over her right to have a caravan site ("Government faces new Euro defeat", 15 September). However, Charles Smith was wrongly quoted as speaking for the National Gypsy Council. We wish to make it clear that we are a separate organisation and nothing whatsoever to do with the National Gypsy Council.

Charles S Smith

The Gypsy Council

Romford, Essex

I would like to correct a small misunderstanding on the part of your writer Helen Jones ("Hunting the hero inside us", Business, 22 September). I have actually never worked for RTZ-CRA, but it was its past chairman and chief executive, Sir Val Duncan, who introduced me to the lucrative field of dowsing for precious minerals.

Uri Geller



It is incredible that Valerie Storie should say that your findings on the James Hanratty hanging were of no concern to her ("Hanratty: the truth at last?", 22 September). If my evidence was responsible for hanging a man, any controversy about his innocence would keep me awake at night.

P Owens

London SE18