LETTERS : National insurance? I've got it

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IT IS comforting to know that diligent councillors such as Hereford and Worcester's Messrs Gregory and Griffiths are cracking down on those OAPs "receiving services" ("OAPs hand over homes to beat care fees rule", 8 January). Who are these OAPs a nyway? Surely not the same people who endured suffering throughout the two world wars? Surely not the same people who have paid many thousands of pounds during their working lives through National Insurance contributions and taxes (and many of whom are s till heavily taxed in retirement)? Come on councillors, stop dithering. Why not strip these tiresome individuals of their homes now - before they have the temerity to demand "services"? The message to OAPs is obvious: when you get old, make sure you don'

t own anything.

F G Biltcliff Llandyssul, Dyfed