LETTERS : Remembering the Holocaust is not enough

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Sir: I applaud Robert Block's article on the West's indifference to the new Holocaust that has taken place in Rwanda. Over the past few years we have witnessed atrocities - in both the former Yugoslavia and in Rwanda - and yet the UN and European governments remain impotent.

During last week's commemorative services for the millions who died during the Nazi Holocaust, we heard the words "never again" repeated many times. These important words become hollow when we realise that in 50 years we have not learnt any lessons from the suffering. We are still unable to prevent or deal with "ethnic cleansing" or "genocide".

When we educate our children in the history of the Holocaust, we must look at how and why such situations develop. We must also look for an internationally acceptable method of dealing with groups of people who participate in the extermination of other groups.

I am a Jewish artist who abhors the complacency I see around me today. Of course, Auschwitz must never be allowed to happen again, but if it did - would anyone be able to stop it?

Yours faithfully, LYNN LEON Newcastle upon Tyne 30 January