LETTERS : Work may be casual but the bills are depressingly regular

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IT MADE depressing reading that for most workers long-term employment has become a thing of the past, and that those of us left in actual employment will have to work longer hours for less money and will need a variety of skills to compete in the job market. It was also depressing to read Neal Ascherson saying that most other European countries are far better places to work than "sweat shop" Britain ("While Europe rewards its workers Britain still relies on fear", 5 February).

But, oh joy, the sales of caviar are beginning to pick up, a sure sign that economic recovery is on the way. All I need to do is work 60 hours next week, and not splash out on other luxuries like food, mortgage repayments and heating, and I will be able to afford some.

The Government has told us not to worry, and that recovery is just around the corner. Run a country? They couldn't even run a bath.

Tom Gaunt

Milton Keynes