Peace works: letter

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May we add to Neal Ascherson's "Castle in the air" (Review, 30 June) on Moral Re-Armament? After the war Frank Buchman believed that Germany and Japan could change. He enlisted many like us who had fought to build the peace and turn enemies into friends. Two of the undersigned were present when Prime Minister Kishi of Japan attended a Moral Re- Armament conference at Caux. The Washington Evening Star in 1957 wrote: "President Kishi has completed one of the most unusual missions ever undertaken by a statesman of his rank. In three weeks he has visited nine nations that Japan occupied or threatened. In each he publicly apologised for his country's actions during the war."

To win the peace everyone's positive contribution counts and should be valued, not belittled.

R De R Channer MC,

RFB Evans MC, RJK Rundell

MC, DS Young MC

Brighton, East Sussex