Those excluded from the benefits of globalisation may not have much, but they have a vote

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Instead of dismissing those who voted for Trump and Brexiteers as ignorant and unenlightened, the liberal elite would do well to get out of their echo chambers once in a while and heed the message from ordinary people that the status quo is no longer an option.  Those excluded from the benefits of globalisation and technological innovation may not have much, but they have a vote! They have the power to force dramatic change by exercising their democratic right.

Regardless of where they are in the world, the elite have been able to take advantage of benefits of globalisation and technological advancements. Those not so privileged have seen their livelihoods diminish as jobs and capital move more freely around the world leading to fear that free movement of migrants would make their precarious position worse. The ruling class and the social elite including the media have been so disconnected and removed from the lives of these disenchanted people that they are baffled by the seeming irrationality of choosing to Brexit or to cast their votes for radical extreme outsiders such as Trump.

Joyce Onstad

Liberal Democrats Spokesperson for Hammersmith


There are straws in the wind that may presage a brighter future, despite Brexit and Trump.

We can aim towards social democratically regulated capitalism with strong green credentials, within a European democratic federation. Recognition that neoliberalism represents a malignant transformation of capitalism and that the EU is a cartel for industry and commerce and against the people is dawning on a growing number of people. Change is possible. Unnervingly, I find myself in partial agreement with Farage, I believe there will be significant civil disorder unless radical change occurs.

Steve Ford

Haydon Bridge


Now he has won Trump can set about fixing the “rigged” electoral system. God help America.

G Forward



The tone of the Brexit campaign incited a rise in racist abuse and violence. Trump's campaign will do the same for the USA (with guns added in for good measure).

The Brexiteers should also ask why would Trump make a deal with the isolated UK when they can make a massive one with the EU? No wonder Trump contacted Ireland before the UK. Brexit is no help to the USA or UK.

Rob Wheway



You should be careful what you wish for. Angela Merkel gave a guarded welcome to Donald Trump’s victory but Theresa May, in her now customary Farage-lite mode, gave him an unreserved welcome, despite the fact that her Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has publicly remarked on his suggested ban of Muslims entering the US, “I think he’s betraying a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him frankly unfit to hold the office of President of the United States”. 

Hard-right politicians are now getting into their stride. In Europe watch out for the National Front in France; the Alternative for Germany; the Northern League in Italy; the Freedom Party in Austria; the Jobbik party in Hungary; the Danish People’s Party; the Golden Dawn in Greece. And we have our own Ukip.

The basic right-wing agenda is nationalism, which means pulling up drawbridges against people you don’t want to come into your country. This nationalism has come about primarily for a simple reason and that is the global explosion in the number of human beings. In 1600 the world’s population was some 500 million; in 1800 some 1,000 million; in 2000 some 6,000 million; and in 2030 an estimated 8,000 million (Madison: The World Economy, 2007).

The world’s over-population is already having serious consequences, such as deforestation, over-fishing, melting ice-caps, global climate change and atmospheric pollution. Isolationism is not the answer; we need effective global solutions to menacing global problems. This means vital cooperation within a community such as the European Union. With people like Trump and May in power, however, the outlook has now become a lot bleaker.

David Ashton



Another Obama is the answer

Can Michelle Obama please start preparing straightaway to challenge Trump for the Presidency in 2020, that is, if the world has not by that time been blown to smithereens by the offensive oaf just elected?

Penny Little




You can’t always get what you want

I've not seen anyone mention that, at the conclusion of his victory “speech” yesterday, The Donald left the stage to the tune of the Rolling Stones singing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

Had this been cued up to be played in the event of defeat, or was it an unintentional forecast of how Trump intends to deliver on his election promises?

Ian McBain