LETTER:Scouting foratheists

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From Mr Stewart Davidson

Sir: It is not the question of promises, God and Clause IV that should be broached by (hopefully) intelligent leader and article writers ("Scouting for recruits with new swear words"; "The Scouts tied in knots", 12 June) but how we can get our children off the streets and interested in sailing, canoeing, shooting, cooking, climbing, abseiling, camping, bridge building, potholing, swimming mini Olympics, mountain biking, first aid, community work, and much more ,to quote our programme since last September to date that is the real issue.

Once every one forgets the Ging Gang Gooly and woggle jokes and image and concentrates on what Scouting can give our youngsters, then perhaps rather than a declining pastime for so few of the many children unoccupied after school and homework/TV time, the movement can go forward with increased numbers of children and leaders to provide a worthwhile and rewarding experience for all.

Yours faithfully,


Scout Leader

Perseverance Scout Group

Ickenham, Middlesex

12 June