Mr Mates and I: some facts

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Sir: You have written extensively about my contact with Michael Mates MP, but have not asked me personally about it. In these circumstances, I will volunteer the


At no time did I ever contact Mr Mates: he always contacted me. He initially contacted me as a Member of Parliament about concerns expressed by Asil Nadir and requested verification of certain information. After obtaining Mr Nadir's consent, I was able to confirm certain facts. On other occasions he made similar requests, and when the information was available I was able to confirm it.

The matters raised had nothing to do with the merits of the trial and were not directed to whether Mr Nadir was innocent or guilty of the charges against him. This was never discussed. The matters he raised related to whether there were some things wrong with the way the case was being prosecuted.

Mr Mates was concerned about those matters and he appreciated that I was equally concerned. He asked what would be the proper steps to take if he wished to pursue the matter, and I suggested that the proper person to approach was the Attorney-General, who is ultimately responsible for all prosecutions. I made it clear that in my view these matters could not be raised at the trial because they had nothing to do with whether Mr Nadir was innocent or guilty.

I did not write personally to the Attorney-General until immediately after the allegation concerning the judge was made.

Yours faithfully,


London, WC1

3 July