Nancy Reagan and Imelda Marcos meet for Historic Footwear Summit
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PARIS, 13 August, 1985 - Determined to forge a unified global footwear vision for the future, First Lady Nancy Reagan and Imelda Marcos, wife of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, convened Monday in France to discuss crucial shoe-related issues.

The historic three-day shoe summit will focus on shoes ranging from Gucci suede pumps to Christian Dior high heels, and is expected to include lengthy discussions about colour choice and handbag accessorizing.

"I am pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Mrs Reagan, a woman of impeccable taste," said Marcos, wearing a $1,250 pair of Spanish Ermenegildo Zegna pumps.

"My country's fate is in her hands, as the First Lady and I discuss the many shoe issues so vital to our future social engagements."

Eager to address worldwide concerns over the proliferation of uncoordinated casual separates, the two women quickly retired to a French chateau on the outskirts of Paris to talk and page through catalogues.

A diplomatic aide to Reagan, on hand to assist in translating and carrying packages during the First Lady's tour of Paris's finest shoe stores, noted that the two women already seemed to be making "significant progress" in the areas of clogs, calf-high boots and red patent-leather slip-ons.

"This is a great day not only for shoes but for the entire world," said Reagan, wearing a stunning red sequinned Chanel dress and matching shoes. "Hopefully, these diplomatic negotiations will clear the way for the peaceful co-existence of varying sizes, styles and heel heights around the globe."

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