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PICTURE QUESTION: Who reportedly expressed a desire to be mummified, then cloned 100 times in order to annoy the British establishment after his death? AP

1. What kind of dog is a Japanese Aibo?

2. What was celebrated with a song and protested with a clenched fist?

3. After leading the assault on Pearl Harbor in 1941, where have Japanese Zero fighters now invaded?

4. Why might Gail Porter have not been HP?

5. What is the worst tourist site in the UK?

6. How many million people claim sickness benefits in Britain?

7. Who was cut by the Barber of Siberia?

8. Who would you be if the secret of your success was a mis-spelled name beginning with B and a female boss?

9. How did the elephant get his trunk?

10. Who has been dropped from the new national curriculum: Shelley, Harold Pinter, Ngugi wa Thiong'o or Ernest Hemingway?

Answers below


PICTURE QUESTION: Mohamed Al Fayed. 1. A robot dog - the cyberpet successor to the tamogochi. 2. The reconvening of the Scottish parliament, celebrated with a song by the assembled MSPs while Tommy Sheridan protested during his oath of allegiance to the crown. 3. The British car market, as the latest import from Mitsubishi. 4. Her nude form was projected on to Big Ben as a publicity stunt by FHM magazine. 5. Buckingham Palace - according to Holiday Which? magazine. 6. Three million, according to DSS statistics. 7. Richard Harris refused to attend the film's opening in Cannes after complaining that the three hours cut from the original six included most of his scenes. 8. A pop group, according to researchers of the Guinness Book of Hit Singles. 9. According to scientists at Melbourne University, its trunk evolved from a snorkel when living in an aquatic environment. 10. Shelley.