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PICTURE QUESTION: Who revealed that he had been wearing glasses for 15 months?

1. What was the identity of Neil Hamilton's helper `Q'?

2. Which Christmas crooner was exposed as a boozing, gambling womaniser?

3. What will include a wigwam camp, a mermaid's fountain and an oak-tree village, and cost pounds 1.25m?

4. On what did the UK's Islamic Sharia court pass a fatwa?

5. Whose pensions were doubled for Christmas?

6. Which linguistic skill did Jonathan Aitken learn in prison?

7. Which country may soon return to the Commonwealth?

8. Whom did Yvonne Roberts kiss at the cost of pounds 100?

9. Which famous American television companions were set to break up?

10. Who wrote the fastest-selling book of the year, and possibly of all time?


Picture Question: Tony Blair. 1. The Earl of Portsmouth (aka Quentin Gerard Carew Wallop), who contributed towards his fighting fund. 2. Bing Crosby. 3. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Garden. 4. The Millennium Dome. 5. The Gurkhas. 6. Cockney rhyming slang. 7. The Irish Republic. 8. Tiger Woods after streaking during the British Open golf tournament. She was fined pounds 100. 9. The cast of Friends. 10. Delia Smith, with Delia's How to Cook: Book Two.