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PICTURE QUESTION: In the week that rock group KISS limbered up for tonight's Superbowl, what was unusual about the first time Carla Germaine and Greg Cordell's lips met?

1. Which Brian was finally allowed into Fishguard?

2. Why were Alain Martin and Olivier Primavesi the first people in 1,900 years to read Empedocles?

3. Which food will the Millennium Dome not stomach: curry, fish and chips, Chinese takeaways or bagels?

4. What nationality is Zorro?

5. Who held the globe in her hands, yet wept?

6. Which musical New Romantics have fallen out of love?

7. Why did Chamberlain take a harder line towards Hitler in the build- up to the Second World War?

8. How will Manchester profit from war?

9. Why are Thunderbirds no-go for Paul and Roy Tatton?

10. Which word ended the local government career of Washingtonian David Howard?

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PICTURE QUESTION: It was on their wedding day. 1. After 20 years the Welsh town's council lifted its ban on the film Life of Brian. 2. They pieced together the unknown work of the lost Greek philosopher. 3. Chinese food is the only food of the four yet to be awarded a franchise in the Dome. 4. Irish. According to an Italian scholar, the real Zorro was a man from Wexford called William Lamport. 5. Gwyneth Paltrow as she accepted a Golden Globe Best Actress award. 6. Eighties pop band Spandau Ballet, whose members are fighting for royalties in the courts. 7. According to newly released documents, because MI5 informed him that Hitler had used a "schoolboy obscenity" to describe him. 8. With the building of a pounds 28.5m northern branch of the Imperial War Museum. 9. The brothers are locked in a court battle over a Thunderbird 2 child's toy. 10. "Niggardly" - his use of the word being mistaken for racism.