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PICTURE QUESTION: As penguins and polar bears got together at Munich Zoo, who became perhaps a less appropriate neighbour for Russ Abbott and Bruce Forsyth?

1. Who did Lord Sainsbury declare he wished to be Britain's ambassador for science and technology?

2. What is the alcohol content of absinthe, newly launched in Britain after a 70-year absence? At the turn of the century, what proportion of French asylum inmates were incarcerated due to its effects?

3. Who rose from a coffin, lit a cigarette and looked at the stars?

4. Why is beef back off the menu for the Royal Family?

5. What was "The Barmy Parma Drama" and what was its outcome?

6. Who won the Plain English Campaign's Golden Bull award for "hours of non-hours worked by a worker"?

7. How much has Bill Gates donated to his charitable foundation for children's vaccination?

8. Which maths whiz will take five years to count to 5 million?

9. How much will the Government's new "superteachers" be able to earn?

10. How did Gordon Ramsay, Alex Ferguson and General Sir Michael Rose go up in the world?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Augusto Pinochet on the Wentworth Estate. 1. Lara Croft, virtual heroine of the computer game Tomb Raider. 2. 70 per cent, 50 per cent. 3. Oscar Wilde in his new incarnation as a statue in central London. 4. The Deals burger bar chain launched by Viscount Linley and frequented by Princes William and Harry is up for sale after losing money for four years. 5. The dispute between Italian producers of Parma ham and Asda supermarkets, which have seen off a ban on slicing and packing the ham in Britain. 6. Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Mandelson for his department's minimum-wage draft regulations. 7. $100m. 8. Countdown presenter Carol Vorderman, after signing a new contract with Channel 4 paying her pounds 5m over five years. 9. Up to pounds 40,000 per year. 10. As a restaurateur, football manager and senior military officer respectively, they have all gone up a grade, to 1a, in the new classifications for social class.