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Alas, in a culture that encourages feeble-minded political correctness, great monuments and great works of art are not to be expected - Stephen Bayley, who resigned as creative director of the Millennium Dome, protesting about the involvement of focus groups in its creation

Robin Cook is obviously dangerous around airports. First he ditched his wife, now he's declaring undying love. His advisers should make sure he only travels by road or rail - Linda McDougall, author of the book `Westminster Women'

We need to make reading more sexy. The literati is dominated by those who graduated from Oxbridge in states of advanced condescension - Kathy Lette, bestselling author

Anyone who watched the game or has seen a video will recognise it would have taken the act of a contortionist with stiletto studs for a boot to have caused Simon's injury - Richard Yerbury, London Scottish chief executive on claims the ear injury was not caused by a bite

I've done something with my life. I've made kids happy around the world - Walter Diemer, inventor of bubble-gum, before he died this week

Celebrity is as addictive and destructive as any drink and I am a recovering celebrity - Barry Manilow