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"If Mo Mowlam has a fault it is that she can sometimes come into a room without opening the door first" - Neil Kinnock, Euro-Commissioner.

"I sat behind Brigitte Bardot once in a restaurant, but the lady friend I was with wouldn't let me turn round to look at her."- the Marquis of Bath.

"Sweat is holy water, pearls of liquid that release your past, an ancient form of self-healing. The more you sweat the more you pray. The more you pray the closer you come to ecstasy" - Gabrielle Roth, guru of "the trance dance".

"Ah, so God finally caught his eye" - George S Kaufmann, American playwright, on being told that the imperious head waiter of one of his favourite restaurants had died.

"When I want an idea I have a bath, and it just comes. By the time I go into rehearsals I'm very clean" - Edward Hall, director at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

"I like to think of myself as an artist with a capital A" - Yoko Ono.