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The people's party and the people's princess combined could lower the Buckingham Palace flag for good - Derek Draper, former adviser to Peter Mandelson

The last thing we need is a New Monarchy like New Labour - Lord Tebbit

Having a hereditary monarchy is like having a hereditary rugby team - Paul Flynn, Labour MP

If you have a Royal Family you have to make the best of whatever personalities the genetic lottery comes up with - Ben Pimlott, royal biographer

A review in the Financial Times said I was an extremely funky pub pianist. That was a good summing-up of what I am - Elton John

Every room in my house is unbelievably tidy. I'm getting treatment for this - Michael J Jackson, star of `Brookside'

If people saw me spitting blood trying to deal with a problem they'd realise this is not the ministry of bloody fun - Tony Banks, sports minister

I have learnt that the cutting edge of tax proposals is in the small print - Tam Dalyell MP, anti-devolutionist

People go into counselling and never emerge. I wonder if counselling isn't the new religion - Dr Raj Persaud, psychiatrist

I pity non-novelists. How are you going to live in a denuded world when you are just living in it, no longer giving it some shape? - Martin Amis, author

A dear old poppet - Stephen Fry, actor, on Peter Mandelson