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It depends on the Service chaps, the British Legion and the other vets - Dame Vera Lynn, on whether she will sing at the Government-backed

D-Day celebration in Hyde Park

I think the idea is nauseating - Bill Cash, Tory MP, whose father died in the Normandy landings

People who fought in the war, like Ted Heath and Willie Whitelaw, would never have been guilty of turning the deaths of 36,000 personnel into a sort of TV game show - Lord Healey

We had no idea that we were living history. Yet that's what it turned out to be - Cynthia Lennon, first wife of John

Michael Howard has made more U-turns than a London taxi driver - John Smith

I have got a responsibility for 15,500 young men and women who are here as peace-keepers. I have no intention of asking them to fight a war from white-painted vehicles - General Sir Michael Rose, British head of UN forces in Bosnia

It has taken me 2,700 hours on various couches and dollars 300,000 to be able to sing this - Barbra Streisand, introducing the song 'On a Clear Day' at her first London show in more than 25 years

Of course I dislike you, just as you probably dislike me. But I regard you as a necessary evil - Nicholas Budgen, Tory MP, talking to reporters

When they get into one of our gardens or parks, they look upon cuttings as fair game. They become quite ruthless - John Sales, National Trust chief gardens adviser, who says pensioners steal thousands of pounds worth of plants a year

I am a professional bachelor. If you have a wife, everything goes out and curtains go up - Sir Jimmy Savile