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In exceptional cases it is necessary to say something that is untrue to the House of Commons - William Waldegrave, minister responsible for open government

Is it possible any more to have a rational conversation about the history of politics or not? - William Waldegrave on the storm over his remarks

I have never felt grateful, like many big women do, for the mere attention of a man. I have never felt that I only deserved the leftovers that thin women rejected - Dawn French

Sending unarmed officers into those areas no longer looks like an act of considered policy but an act of folly - Dick Coyles, chairman of the Police Federation, after two officers were shot on routine duty in Brixton, south London

I always say it's a great benefit to be born without parents or religion - Derek Jameson

I quite like the semolina pudding and the prep- school grub - Lord Weatherill, former Speaker in the Commons, asked what he thought about the House of Lords

It's the ante-room for Heaven - Lord Dean of Beswick, also describing the House of Lords

Some people think you should shout and scream and bang the table to show you are a strong leader. That is not in my nature - John Major

I have made it quite clear that my role in history is creating rather a good garden. That is where I have spent the morning - Michael Heseltine, denying suggestions that he could bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party

It has become one of the folksy traditions of British politics that you cannot give an interview about the weather without being asked about the leadership - Kenneth Clarke