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At the end of the day, when Tories have to choose between miners' jobs and their own jobs, they will vote against miners - Neil Greatrex, president of the Union of Democratic Mineworkers

The quickest way to become a left-winger in the Labour Party today is to stand still for six months - Dave Nellist, former Labour MP

No one should doubt how much I regret exposing the organisation I am privileged to lead to such unwarranted turmoil - John Birt, Director-General of the BBC

I am very, very gobsmacked - Emma Thompson on receiving her Oscar for best actress

Men are having to learn to bring more to a relationship than just an income - Marjorie Mowlam, Labour's spokeswoman on women's issues

There is no bigger hypocrite than an ex-smoker - Donald Findlay, QC

A priest should maintain a serene facial expression and avoid gestures which might convey shock, disapproval or irony - the Pope, advising priests not to be too stern in the confessional, especially with penitents admitting adultery

No Chief Whip would have an affair with a journalist - Tim Renton, former government Chief Whip

To say Agatha (Christie)'s characters are cardboard cut-outs is an insult to cardboard - Ruth Rendell

Women prefer tabloid newspapers because their arms are shorter - Mort Zuckerman, new owner of the 'New York Daily News'

I like my wrinkles. I think they show character - Virginia Bottomley, Secretary of State for Health